US Cellular 3G Broadband Cards | 2011 Review


Since last year’s broadband card review, US Cellular offers 1 new USB broadband card while laying to rest the UM175 and KPC680.

Users familiar with Cricket will recognize the UM185.

US Cellular USB  Broadband Card


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The UM185C sold by Cricket seen here is identical to the PCD UM185

Form Factor

USB Broadband Card

External Antenna Jack


Download Speed Potential

3.1 Mbps (3G)

OS Compatibility

Windows 7, XP, Vista, or MAC OS X 10.4 or higher.

Network Support

1xRTT / EVDO Rev. 0 / EVDO Rev. A



Extra Storage

130 MB internal storage

Support Info



Free After Mail-In Rebate From US Cellular


If you’re considering US Cellular for mobile broadband service, the UM185 will get the job done. Built for the minimalist crowd, it doesn’t do much else but get you online.

To see how US Cellular compares against the rest of the competition, see the 2011 Mobile Broadband Comparison.

To see how the UM185 does against all the other modems available, see the 2011 Broadband Card Comparison.

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