Monthly Archives: January 2009

Sprint Offers New Sierra Wireless 598U USB Broadband Card

Sprint & Sierra Wireless throws us another broadband card to play with. Here's the essential info:

EVDO Rev. A (Up to 3.1 Mbps)
USB format with an interesting clip for keeping it out of harm's way (looks a bit cumbersome though)
Smallest broadband card available today
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Get $90 or $35 from Sprint ETF Settlement

A proposed settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit against Sprint over early termination fees (ETF). It seems to basically apply to anyone who has had a time-based contact with Sprint that had an etf clause it i.e. most Sprint wireless customers....
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WiMAX to launch officially in Portland, Oregon

Clearwire, the wireless broadband company that has merged with Sprint's Xohm to provide WiMAX, is set to launch its first city under the Clear brand today (Jan.6.08).

Here's a breakdown of the regular featured mobile plans according to Clear's site.

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