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New to the site and not sure where to start? It can be rough coming across cool info but not being completely sure on where to start. Perhaps you’re wondering things like "Who writes this stuff?", "What’s the site all about?" and "Where can I find the best info?".

No worries.

Here’s a short ‘guided tour’ to help you get acquainted and into the swing of things.



"How’s This Site Different? Where’s The Hype?"

A great place to start is to find out how I run things here at Mobile Broadband Reviews. You’ll get a crisp picture of what to expect and just as importantly, what garbage not to expect.



"Who’s The Dude Typing All This Stuff?"

Once you know what the project is all about, get to know me a bit more. Since you’re on the other end of the computer screen, this is the best I can do at a handshake. Consider it a virtual handshake of sorts.



"What Should I Read First?"

Once you’ve become acquainted with the ‘management’, take a look to your right. You’ll see a sidebar with the "Most Important Pages". Those are the articles I’ve handpicked to help you get to the info you need to make a solid accurate decision fast.

Apart from those my personal favorites are:



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