The Man Behind The Review

Hi. I’m Marc.

I’m a writer, entrepreneur and mobile broadband enthusiast on a mission to help sensible people uncomplicate mobile broadband and save money getting online.

I like freedom.

Merriam Webster calls that “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constrain in choice or action.”

I call it “living life on my own terms”.


For the past 3 years, more than 90% of the work I’ve done has required a computer with an internet connection.

It didn’t take me long to realize that if I could connection to the internet wirelessly, I’d be free to work from just about any strange place I could dream up.

Enter mobile broadband.


Much to my frustration, I spent over a month just researching and gathering all the info I’d need to make an educated decision.

While I wasn’t computer illiterate, I’d just never heard of it before and wanted to fully understand what I was getting into.

Going to every provider’s website was a grueling task of epic time-sucking proportions. From business speak to legalese, I barely made it out with all my brain cells intact.


I just wanted a straight forward explanation of what mobile broadband was and who had the best stuff.

Out of that frustration I created this site so you wouldn’t have to go through that.

Whether you need some reliable internet while on the go, like being on the cutting edge of technology or just want some mobile internet at an affordable price, every word has been typed with you in mind.

To get right into it, start here.

Otherwise feel free to drop me a line here, connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter.