AT&T 4G | HSPA+ Now, LTE Tomorrow

AT&T 4G | 2011 Review

If you’re interested in AT&T, check out the 2012 AT&T 4G Review for the latest. This is a dated review.

Since their 2010 review, AT&T has launched what they call 4G, an upgraded version of their current 3G HSPA network that provides up to 4 times faster download speeds.

With plans to blend this HSPA+ with LTE throughout 2011 plus a merger with T-Mobile for more 4G LTE coverage, the question becomes, how do you get your hands on these cheaper 4G plans, faster 4G speed and devices?

Perhaps the most important question is this:

Is AT&T 4G in your backyard?

Read on for answers to these questions and more:


AT&T 4G Plans

AT&T 4G Plans | 2011

Since last year, AT&T’s mobile broadband plans have only gotten more confusing with different 3G & 4G plans based on the kind of device you’ll use to access their network and your speed.

One of the biggest surprises was that AT&T’s 4G plan offers everything the 3G plan does for $10 less with a 1000% lower overage fee.


Read more on AT&T’s 4G mobile broadband plans here.


AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband

AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband | 2011

Unlike Verizon, AT&T prepaid mobile broadband plans include 4G and unlimited WiFi access at close to 30,000 locations.


AT&T 4G Speed

AT&T 4G Speed | 2011

Like T-Mobile, they’ve rebranded HSPA+, an upgraded version of their current HSPA 3G technology, to provide faster speeds while they play catch up in building their new network that runs on the same technology as Verizon’s 4G LTE.

Here’s the kind of 4G speed you can expect.



AT&T 4G Coverage

AT&T 4G Coverage | 2011

AT&T has publicized plans to expand current 3G coverage in addition to 4G coverage with both HSPA+ and LTE throughout 2011 and beyond. With their acquisition of T-Mobile, their 4G coverage plans just got a needed boost. They’ll eventually be able to cover 95% of the country’s population.

Is 4G coverage in your city?


AT&T 4G AirCards, Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

AT&T 4G Mobile Hotspots & USB Broadband Cards | 2011

AT&T has shelved all but 1 old faithful broadband card in favor of new devices such as their MiFi 2372 and 4G broadband cards.

The Shockwave 4G is the AT&T AirCard to have. While the MiFi 2372 does have more features, it’s not 4G upgradeable.

Here’s why you’ll want to get your hands on that 4G broadband card.


Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how AT&T compares to other providers, check out the Mobile Broadband Comparison.



  1. john aldridge says:

    I had dial for 12 years waiting for broadband to come along att didnt for my desktop so a small co named shelby broadband came along and got wireless service to us att is still a long way from getting here with affordable I have got so discouraged with them I will probadly will stay with shelbybroadband this in my area thirty miles east of louisville,ky shelby co is snatching a lot of customer away from att

  2. Mallan says:

    Iam with ATT wireless from past 4 Yrs and no complaint,but with that in mind i signed up for DSL internet service and bought hell to myself.
    Already the shipment arrived Late,then the setup suppose to be 30 min job and mine did not sync up.Called customer service and everytime they ask for a call back number and never once till today they called me to ask the update.
    I literally struggled for 12 days and lost hope.Everytime i call the Service Disconnect agent,she connects me to technical support and believe me AT&T dont have even a single Technical expertise (Iam also a Telecom engineer),they are just worse than anything,they dont know more than whats written in their Guide document to help us. just disconnected.Only i wasted my 7-8 Hrs of phone call and Stress myslef.
    Please dont go for this service…Never ever!

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