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AirCard Rental Review | (

AirCard Rental
See the 2011 AirCard Rental Review for the most recent info.

2 year mobile broadband contracts aren't for everyone. Neither is having prepaid wireless broadband hotspots all across the country.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to get online for a couple days while you're at a business conference, on vacation, or RV'ing...

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Is DataJack Real?

DataJack promised unlimited mobile broadband without a contract for $40/month. Now it’s 5 GB for $50. That’s quite a bold move.

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Cricket Broadband Speed

Cricket Broadband is a mixture of EVDO Rev. A and EVDO Rev. 0 speeds. That means it’ll be faster in some areas and not as fast in some.

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Clear 4G WiMAX | 2010 Review

Clear 4G WiMAX promises unlimited mobile broadband, speeds up to 10 Mbps (on par with cable internet) & city-wide coverage. Are they in your backyard?

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Cricket Wireless Plans & Prices

Cricket Wireless plans are not only prepaid but cheaper than regular mobile broadband carriers like Sprint, Verizon or AT&T by up to $20 per month.

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