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Clear 4G Bundle Plans Sometimes you just wanna have your cake and eat it too.

Clear’s here & will help you go comatose on your 4G cake so long as you keep forking over cash.

As an incentive to signing up for contracts (though thankfully not required) you get free activation (usually $35) and the ability to lease/rent devices for $4.99 a month.

Here’s what they’re working with:

Bundle & Save Plans

Clear Bundle & Save 4G Plans

**There is no cap/overage charge when using 4G. However, if on the 3G network, there is a 5GB usage cap with a$0.05/MB overage charge. For making sense of overages and data caps, check out How Much Is 5 GB & Is It Enough?


"Get Two: Home + On-The-Go" (Home + Mobile Internet for $55)

For $55 you’ve got unlimited mobile broadband at home & on the go that’s double the speed of what current 3G carriers are offering. To throw a cherry on top, you don’t have to worry about pesky 5 GB caps that have been running some people $19,370 in ridiculous overage charges.

Did I mention you get all this and a bag of chips for the same price 3G carriers regularly charge?

It’ll be some change you can really believe in if the whole industry switches to this thinking.



"Get Two: On-The-Go" (Mobile + Mobile Internet for $65)

Think of this as the family plan version of the Home & Mobile.

While you don’t have your home covered, instead you’ve got 2 devices that can cover two people. Naturally, there are ways to share this connection with your house eliminating the need for an additional home plan.

We’ll get to how to do that with the Sierra Overdrive in the Clear WiMAX Devices section.



"Get Three" is the triple play of mobile broadband for $75

Instead of voice, internet and tv like cable companies offer, you’ve got digital voice, mobile broadband and home broadband.

The key features are an unlimited mobile broadband plan and speed bursts up to 10 Mbps (though it’ll mostly be in the 3 – 6 Mbps range).

Not bad Clear for $75, not bad at all.

"Get Two: On-The-Go+" (4G & 3G for $95)

This is identical to the previous Get Two plan except you’ve got 3G coverage anywhere in the country.

At $30 more, it may seem pricier but individually you’d be looking att $110 for two ClearInternet+ plans. Technically you save $15 by going this route if you know that’s what you need.



Not Sure Which To Get?

Again, if you’re confused about which to get, try giving the Clear Advisor a whirl to pick the best plan that suits you.

Next in line we’ve got the professional leagues.

If you’re not considering business stuff, skip this section and hop to How Fast is CLEAR’s 4G Speed?




CLEAR Professional Plans (Small Office / Home Office)

Clear 4G Professional Plans

Clear makes no bones about this category being targeted at small business owners. Like the Mobile Internet plans, there’s a whole bungalow of six Clear 4G plans to choose from. Since internet needs can vary greatly from business to business, I won’t elaborate on each plan. Rather, I recommend calling Clear directly especially if you have a sizeable team to ensure they can meet your needs.

For convenience, I divide Clear Professional 4G plans into 2 potential scenarios:

  1. Stationary Office with Mobile Workers
  2. Exclusively Mobile Workers


Stationary Office with Mobile Workers

Clear 4G Professional Plans

* All Clear Professional Plans require a 2 year agreement.

Exclusively Mobile Workers

Clear Professional 4G Plans (Mobile Workers)

Next how fast is WiMAX?



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