US Cellular 3G | 2010 Mobile Broadband Review

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US Cellular 3G Mobile Broadband Review

Like T-Mobile, the US Cellular 3G network rollout started somewhat late in comparison to other carriers.

Being the 6th largest network behind Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Metro PCS, there’s some catch up to be done.

If you couple that with the fact that they’re a regional carrier, you already know you’re definitely not looking at nationwide coverage. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on a lot of traveling, they may have an affordable mobile broadband plan that works for you.

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US Cellular Plans & Prices

US Cellular 3G PlansEven though US Cellular’s only got one plan, its not bad at all.

At $50 for 5 gigabytes $10 less than Verizon, Sprint & AT&T & T-Mobile’s 5GB plans.

In an interesting move, they also cap overage charges at $200 (limiting the damage to your pocketbook).

Looks like someone smart finally figured out that if they take all your money this month, you can’t pay them the next month.

Not exactly sustainable business.

More on US Cellular Plans here.

US Cellular 3G Speed

US Cellular 3G SpeedUS Cellular 3G speed is below the industry average.

At “Downloads with average speeds of 768 Kbps…[and] uploads have an average speed of 200 Kbps”, the competition is 2 – 3 times faster.

Does that mean they’re out the race? Not necessarily.

Here’s why US Cellular mobile broadband speed may not be that bad.

US Cellular Coverage Map

US Cellular 3G CoverageBeing a regional carrier means regional 3G coverage. It’s like MetroPCS for mobile broadband.

If you’re not a road warrior then it’s cool. If you are, then you’ll need to look very closely at the US Cellular Coverage Map.

The last thing you need is being stuck at Starbucks staring at everyone else clicking away on Facebook.

A lonely path indeed.

2010 US Cellular AirCard & Broadband Card Review

US Cellular Broadband CardsUS Cellular’s got 1 broadband card:

1. The UM175 (USB Broadband Card)

They used to carry the KPC680 but since it’s become outdated and support for it dropped by manufacturers, it makes sense to no longer carry it.

Here’s what to expect with a US Cellular AirCard.

Looking for a Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how US Cellular mobile broadband compares to other carriers, check out the Carrier Comparison

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  1. Duck says:

    Why is it that Us cellular don’t allow you the option to just purchase a card for a up grade with out a new contract if you are a exsisting customer, without the outrageous price. considering the long range of a customer, should be considered. You have options for mobile why not air cards.

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