Millenicom | 2011 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review

Millenicom 2011

For $70 a month, Millenicom offers unlimited mobile broadband with either a device you already own or a device you purchase from them for $100. For other prepaid mobile broadband plans, generous data caps of 10 GB & 20 GB are available.


Millenicom 3G/4G Plans

Millenicom 3G Plans

Millenicom unlimited mobile broadband plans are back (though only in 3G). 4G plans, however, do have a 10 GB limit.


Millenicom 3G/4G Speed

Millenicom 3G & 4G Speed

Millenicom 3G speed is from 0.5 – 1.5 Mbps. Their 4G speed however, can be as fast as 20.29 Mbps. That’s faster than DSL and Cable.


Millenicom 3G/4G Coverage

Millenicom 3G & 4G Coverage

Millenicom 3G & 4G coverage reflects Sprint & Verizon, their underlying service providers. In short, you’re covered.


Millenicom 3G/4G Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

Millenicom 3G & 4G Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

Since last year, Millenicom broadband cards have gone from one to two devices along with a new 3G/4G mobile hotspot.


Looking for a Comparison?

Check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison to see how they match up against the other prepaid mobile broadband carriers out there.

It may help put things in perspective when you see what all of your options are whether you plan to use it regularly or occasionally.


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