Monthly Archives: December 2008

WiMAX looks better than FiOS, Cable, DSL and 3G networks

The year's just about over and everyone's making their predictions and resolutions for 2009. Naturally, you've also got those who reflect on the events of the past year. GigaOM made an interesting list called "10 Stories That Define Broadband in 2008". It's a good list that mobile broadband makes frequent appearances on. What really stuck out to me was this lil chart showing...
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Cancel Sprint without $200 fee [ETF]

BGR put an alert out:

"Subscribers are free to exit based on Sprint’s decision to raise their non-government mandated administrative fee from $.50-.$75."

It comes into effect January 1st 2009. In other words, you've got 2...
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Verizon Leaves AT&T in the dust of Phoenix, Arizona

Kevin over at jkOnTheRun decided to run a quick test. Verizon's EVDO vs. AT&T's HSDPA. The no holds barred brawl took place in the dusty sands of Phoenix, Arizona (more like in his air-conditioned hotel room actually).

The mighty warriors who stepped...
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Haters attack Sprint/Clearwire’s WiMAX

Yes. They're haters. Why?

Sprint didn't start working on WiMAX yesterday. They've been pretty public about their decision to pursue WiMAX with major blockades and obstacles along the way for years. All of a sudden when things are finally going off without...
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Alltel Customer Service Review | 2008

While Alltel Customer Service would have you believe you can come and get your love, not everyone’s gotten it. They rank at just about the industry average according to J.D. Power and Associates

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