2010 T-Mobile Wireless Internet Review

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T-Mobile Wireless Internet

Last time we looked at T-Mobile Wireless Internet, they had minimal 3G coverage, 1 broadband card and okay 3G speed.

Now they’re back with mobile broadband plans that match the competition, hopes of becoming the fastest 3G network in 2010, better 3G coverage and more broadband cards.

Once the underdog, they’re shaping to shake up the industry.

T-Mobile Plans | 2010 Mobile Broadband Plans

T-Mobile Plans | Wireless InternetThere are three T-Mobile plans for Wireless Internet.

Only 2 of them have mobile broadband. Chances are you’ll only need the one.

The 5 GB plan.

As a side benefit, it comes with unlimited WiFi Hotspot use.

2010 T-Mobile 3G Speed Review

T-Mobile 3G SpeedT-Mobile 3G Speed isn’t terrible.

Speed tests show it on par with Sprint’s 3G speeds nationwide.

In a surprise to everyone, they may end up with the fastest 3G network in 2010.

2010 T-Mobile 3G Coverage Review

T-Mobile 3G CoverageT-Mobile 3G coverage has come a long way in a short space of time.

They now reach 70% as many people as the largest mobile broadband networks and are still expanding.

2010 T-Mobile AirCard & Broadband Card Review

T-Mobile AirCards & Broadband CardsT-Mobile has the smallest selection of broadband cards available.

With 3 USB broadband cards available, those looking for ExpressCards or Mobile Hotspots need to look elsewhere.

However, if you’d like a broadband card that can support 21 Mbps, look no further.

Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how T-Mobile Wireless Internet compares to other mobile broadband providers, check out the Wireless Broadband Service Comparison.

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  1. VAN LEE says:

    T MOBIL SENT ME A WIRELESS BROADBAND CARD NOT EVEN FUNCTIONING -D0A:dead on arrival,after i struggled to find out what was wrong with it or my lap top then it expired a month try out,i called customer service then they sent me another dead one,i finally i called technical service then they asked me to go to Starbuck to down load to upgrade the firmware.What happen if you living in isolated area which there is no Hot Spot.This wireless broadband modem stick just a big joke.Now they penalized me $200.DONOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

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