Monthly Archives: November 2008

AT&T 3G Mobile Broadband | 2008

Beyond claiming the fastest mobile broadband network, AT&T 3G to offered users unlimited mobile broadband for $60/month. Now it’s 5 GB.

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AT&T Customer Service

AT&T’s customer service is not the best. Your experience can be greatly affected by the tactics used as well as your value to the company based on a leaked internal document.

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AT&T Wireless Internet Reliability

AT&T’s reliability is tied to their coverage and speed. AT&T coverage is best in cities. However, it has been known to be spotty while traveling on the road.

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AT&T Coverage | Wireless Broadband

AT&T’s coverage for wireless internet is best in urban areas. You can expect 3G mobile broadband speeds. If you are traveling between cities expect EDGE or GPRS speeds.

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AT&T Wireless Internet Speed

AT&T Wireless Internet speed tests show average download speeds ranging from 600-1400 kbps and upload speeds ranging 500-800 kbps. Who has the fastest network? AT&T, Sprint or Verizon…

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AT&T Wireless Internet Cost (2008)

AT&T’s Wireless Internet cost (marketed as DataConnect for Laptops) is on par with the industry standard of about $60 per month. The difference with their service is what you get for the $60 a month.

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