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Mobile hotspots are extremely portable mobile broadband devices that broadcast their signal via WiFi much like a wireless router. Instead of acquiring signal from a wired cable modem or DSL connection they receive their mobile broadband signal wirelessly from the provider’s network and re-broadcast it over a smaller WiFi network. The convenience is never having to plug it in (unless it needs to be charged) and being able to share it with multiple devices simultaneously. The downside is not being able to amplify signal reception via an external antenna (as with broadband cards)

Clear 4G Internet | 2012

With plans to launch LTE in 31 cities by 2013, will Clear 4G be the sole source of unlimited mobile broadband or will they cave like Sprint?

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AT&T Elevate 4G Vs. Momentum 4G

AT&T 4G mobile hotspots & USB modems lineup has shrunk to just the Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G & USBConnect Momentum 4G. Which should you get?

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