Monthly Archives: October 2008

AT&T Quicksilver USBConnect Review

The AT&T Quicksilver is simple and classy. While 3G speeds coupled with plug and play usability makes for getting things done fast, it’d have been nice to have a microSD slot.

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Novatel V740 Aircard Review

The Merlin V740 is an average card. It’ll connect you at the standard Rev. A speeds where available. Otherwise you’ll be connecting at dialup speed.

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UTStarcom UM175 USB Aircard

The UM175 is a good card. However, you need to use it with a certain amount of care. The small space between the USB connection and the main device is a potential hazard.

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AT&T Option GT Ultra Review

The Option GT Ultra has this ‘butterfly’ antenna that doesn’t fly with me. It looks like a 2 year old could rip it off in a heartbeat. Other than that, the PC card is solid.

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Kyocera KPC680 ExpressCard (Verizon)

The Verizon Kyocera KPC680 is the Honda Civic of aircards. It’s cheap, reliable and gets the job done while still looking decent just about anywhere. It also has connectors to fit any laptop

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Sony Ericsson GC89 PC Card Review

When close by any T-Mobile HotSpot, the Sony Ericsson GC89 picks up and switches over to the faster WiFi connection. If you’re not at a HotSpot, speeds can feel like dialup.

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Sierra Wireless 881 Aircard Review

Sierra Wireless knows how to make sexy cards. It’s got everything you’d expect it to have and everyone will envy you at the office, airport or starbucks.

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Sierra Wireless AC597 ExpressCard Review

Sierra Wireless does us right this time. Not only does the AC597 fits ExpressCard slots, but it fits PC Card Type II slots as well with an included adapter. Freebies are always great.

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