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Cricket Wireless Plans

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Like manna falling from the heavens Cricket Wireless had an unlimited mobile broadband plan for $40 seemed almost too good to be true. Sadly it was not to last.

Now they offer 3 mobile broadband plans ranging from $40 – $60 with varying data caps for each.

Like most prepaid mobile broadband providers, there is no contract, no security deposit and no early termination fee. While there is an activation fee of $25 (plus the cost of the broadband card), the cost is quite low when compared to the regular mobile broadband carriers that charge $60 per month for 5 Gigabytes.



  • Cricket’s $40 3G plan is capped at 2.5 Gigabytes
  • Cricket’s $50 3G plan is capped at 5 Gigabytes
  • Cricket’s $60 3G plan is capped at 7.5 Gigabytes

Considering the previous $40 plan went from being unlimited to a 5 GB soft cap to now $40, Cricket is decreasing the value it provides to its customers under the guise of more options. Not good.

To their credit, many users here at MBR use Cricket exclusively and a higher capped plan is something they’d be willing to pay for. However, with Virgin Mobile Broadband now being unlimited for $40, this doesn’t look as attractive.

So all in all, what’s it gonna cost you?

To start it up, you’ll pay the activation fee ($25) and buy the broadband card ($60 – $70 after discounts/rebates). The actual service will run you about $40 per month. In other words:

To get started with Cricket Wireless Plans: $85 – $95
Each month: $40 – $60

The next logical question is what kind of Cricket Broadband speed can you expect?

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