Cricket Broadband 3G Coverage

Cricket 3G Coverage

For the most recent info check out the 2011 Cricket 3G Coverage Review.

Welcome to Cricket mobile broadband’s Achilles heel. Cricket 3G coverage is limited. If you take a look at their map, you’ll see the circles of where it’s available.

If you’re off in the rural area, then tough luck. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be in a rural area. Heck, you could be in Miami and not have service.

So how does it work?

When you try to sign up for the service, Cricket will ask for your zip code. Thankfully, if they don’t have service where you live, they won’t sell you anything.

Take a look at their 3G coverage below to see if you might get lucky. First up, we have a map of general coverage.

Then, just below, there’s Cricket Broadband 3G coverage tool for you to plug in your zip:


Cricket Coverage Area

view Cricket Coverage Tool


Cricket Coverage Maps – Check and see if Cricket is available in your city.
So they question is, Do ya feel lucky?

After plugging in some zip codes, I found that the premium coverage areas don’t get unlimited mobile broadband service.

For mobile broadband, you need to be in a regular ‘unlimited coverage area’. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about whether it requires a ‘tri-band’ as all their broadband cards are ‘tri-band’.

And that ladies and gentlemen, works as a perfect segway into Cricket Broadband Cards.

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  1. Ron Hyatt says:

    I live 3 miles out of town in a “rural” area on a major highway. DSL from bell south does not cover me, yet it goes 7 miles past me on a secondary road. Wireless from Mainstreet Broadband (some wireless company set up with Obama bribe money) doesn’t cover me. Hughesnet. or Cricket. Cut off my left hand, or cut off my right hand…Cut them both off. I’m using both to try and get a decent speed. And paying thru the nose. America. What a country.

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