Cricket 3G Coverage | 2011 Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Cricket 3G Coverage | 2011

Starting in July 12, 2011, Cricket 3G coverage is now 250% larger than last year.

To put that in raw numbers, Cricket now covers 275 million people including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In other words, it’s now on par with postpaid providers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile for 3G coverage.

In what used to be a map with circles covering select cities, Cricket now displays a nationwide map similar to Sprint’s 3G coverage:

Cricket 3G Coverage Comparison | 2011

The catch 22 is a rate hike of $5 for all existing 3G plans.

If you were an existing Cricket customer, you’ll need to have purchased from a Cricket store or online (through this site for example) after August 2nd, 2010. If you had Cricket broadband prior to that, you’ll need to get a device. Similarly, if you purchased from Walmart, Best Buy or Radioshack you won’t be eligible:

Customers who purchased their device at Walmart, Best Buy and RadioShack are not eligible for Nationwide 3G Coverage at this time.  Additionally, customers who purchased at these locations will not see a change in their monthly rate plan pricing.


What’s The New Cricket 3G Coverage Like In My Area?

To see what Cricket 3G coverage is like in your backyard, check out the Cricket Broadband Coverage Map and plug in your address:

Cricket 3G Coverage Map | 2011

Is 250% more 3G coverage worth the $5 rate hike?

Take a look at how Cricket stacks up against the competition before you make that judgement.


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