Cricket 3G Plans | 2011 Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Cricket 3G Plans

Like last year’s review, Cricket Broadband still provides three prepaid mobile broadband plans (i.e. no contract, no security deposit and no early termination fee). While being identical to last year’s plans, they’ve each jumped $5 in price.

Cricket 3G Plans | 2011

The official reason?

Cricket 3G Coverage now covers 2.5 times more than it originally did and this increase in price is to cover the cost of presumably roaming agreements with current postpaid mobile broadband providers.


What’s Included?

Besides the aforementioned increased coverage, each plan includes 3G speeds up to 1.4 Mbps (EVDO Rev. 0) and usage ranging from 2.5 GB to 7.5 GB. If you go over your prescribed limit, Cricket will throttle your 3G speed (i.e. slow down) instead of shutting off your connection entirely as some prepaid providers opt to do.


Not Sure How Much Data You Need?

Cricket’s also put together a Data Calculator to help you figure it out. Like Verizon’sAT&T’s, it’s pretty handy:

Cricket Data Calculator


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