WiMAX to launch officially in Portland, Oregon

Clearwire, the wireless broadband company that has merged with Sprint’s Xohm to provide WiMAX, is set to launch its first city under the Clear brand today (Jan.6.08).

Here’s a breakdown of the regular featured mobile plans according to Clear’s site.

$10/day – 24 hour pass
$30/month – Occasional (200 MB/month)
$40/month – Frequent (2 GB/month)
$50/month – Unlimited monthly usage

Home plans look like this:

$20/month – Basic plan (768 Kbps downloading)
$30/month – Fast plan (3 Mbps downloading)
$40/month – Faster plan (6 Mbps downloading)

(oh, they’ve got cool business plans too)

Sign me up for unlimited mobile please. Did I mention that there’s no contract? (you can sign up for one for a discount though). At $10 cheaper than 3G service, plus 4 Mbps download speeds? I’m game. Only downside is that upload speed is 384 Kbps. I think they could do better.

It is interesting to note that the difference between the home plans and mobile plans (besides price) is speed versus capacity. They cap the speed of the home plans but choose to cap the amount of data one can download on the mobile plans. It seems as though they are modeling them not based on their network capacity but in a way that consumers can compare them to what they already have.

Translation: Mobile plans are targeted to existing (and new) mobile broadband/WiFi customers while home plans are targeted to DSL/Cable subscribers. Expect some form of mobile/home bundle for sure (just as AT&T does with its services).

Somehow $20 seems very attractive compared to the $30 or $40 DSL carriers like to charge. Let’s see how this all pans out…now if they can just get this stuff nationwide.

via PCWorld


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