US Cellular 3G Coverage | 2011 Mobile Broadband Review


Last year, US Cellular qualified as a regional carrier.

As it currently stands, it’s available in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, most of Iowa, Chicago and parts of Oklahoma.

US Cellular 3G Coverage Review | 2010

This year, thanks to a roaming partnership with Verizon, they now provide nationwide 3G coverage.

To have access to nationwide data coverage, you’ll need their $60 national 3G modem plan rather than the regional $50 plan.


Checking US Cellular 3G Coverage Nationally & Regionally

US Cellular provides a map specifically for wireless modems.

Once selected, a legend will appear showing distinctions in 3G coverage for standard data coverage (regional) vs. 3G data coverage (national).

Be sure to click the button labeled "If you have the $xx.xx [name of plan], click here" to see correct 3G coverage for the plan you’re interested in.



US Cellular 4G Coverage

With US Cellular’s announcement to launch LTE in at least one market by the end of 2011 and a larger scale launch throughout 2012, it remains to be seen specifically where US Cellular LTE coverage will be.

While one might speculate it may be in one of their Midwest home markets such as Chicago, IL., there’s been no official announcement to date.


Next, US Cellular 3G Broadband Cards

Since last year, US Cellular offers 1 new USB broadband card while laying to rest the UM175 and KPC680.

Since it’s the only option, its best to get acquainted.

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