US Cellular 3G Plans | 2011 Mobile Broadband Review


Since last year’s 3G plan review, US Cellular now include two plan options instead of one:


Like most major carriers, they now provide a $60 nationwide 3G plan with a 5 GB cap. Unlike the original $50 plan regional plan, the $60 plan provides 3G service across the country by roaming on Verizon’s 3G network.

In addition to a national footprint, overage charges are about half the amount of the $50 plan. Instead of paying $0.49/MB ($501.76/GB), overage charges are $0.25/MB ($256/GB) for the $60 plan.

For both 3G plans, overage charges are capped at $200 per month.


How Much Is 5 GB and Is It Enough?

US Cellular provides a page where you’ll find "Information on Data Sizes".

While they provide the amount of data common activities on the internet might use up, your best bet will be to use AT&T’s or Verizon’s data calculator to get a better grasp of how much data you use.

  1. Verizon Data Calculator
  2. AT&T Data Calculator
  3. How Much Is 5 GB & Is It Enough?


Next, US Cellular 4G Speed

While most providers are busy battling it out on the 4G speed front, US Cellular will be arriving late to the game with one 4G LTE market in 2011 and a larger LTE launch in 2012. For now, users will be surfing with 3G speeds.

How fast is US Cellular 3G speed?

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