US Cellular 3G Review | 2011 Mobile Broadband Review


Since last year’s 3G review, US Cellular has gone from being a regional provider to a nationwide 3G provider thanks to a roaming agreement with Verizon.

However, with a limited broadband card selection and late entry into 4G service being offered mostly in 2012, they pose more of a threat to smaller less known companies rather than AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

As always, this review will be broken up into:

  1. US Cellular 3G Plans Review
  2. US Cellular 3G Speed Review
  3. US Cellular 3G Coverage Review
  4. US Cellular 3G Broadband Cards Review


US Cellular 3G Plans


US Cellular 3G plans now include a $60 nationwide option with half the overage charges of the $50 plan.



US Cellular 3G Speed


While US Cellular 3G speed hasn’t changed much, they do plan to launch 4G speed via LTE in 2011.



US Cellular 3G Coverage


US Cellular 3G coverage is now nationwide thanks to a roaming partnership with Verizon. What about 4G though?



US Cellular 3G Broadband Cards


US Cellular 3G broadband cards have been reduced to one option. The PCD UM185. Incidentally, it’s the same card Cricket offers.



Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how US Cellular compares to other providers, check out the Mobile Broadband Comparison.


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