2010 US Cellular AirCard & Broadband Card Review

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US Cellular Broadband Cards

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Picking a US Cellular AirCard or broadband card is super simple. You’ve got two choices:

1. UT Starcom UM175
2. Kyocera ExpressCard KPC680

Since I’ve done a review on the UM175 we’ll focus on whether it can get the job done for you.

First, a primer.

There are 3 kinds of broadband cards: USB, ExpressCards and PC Cards.

USB broadband cards, as the name suggests, fit in the USB port of your computer. As such, they’re usually the most compatible across the board (Mac or PC, desktop, laptop or netbook).

On the other hand, ExpressCards fit into ExpressCard slots. Naturally, if you don’t know what an ExpressCard is, telling you it goes in the ExpressCard slot is about as helpful as saying go program your VCR. Instead, here’s what it looks like:

Card Types ComparedWhere does it go?

For more details on the differences between not just broadband cards but broadband devices, check out the free “Mobile Broadband Buyer’s Guide“. This is just one of the many lessons I cover in great detail to MBR Readersmake sure you know what’s up before, during and after buying mobile broadband.

The UM175

UM175 in the wild (at Best Buy)

The UM175 is a USB broadband card that’s compatible with Windows and Mac. During it’s time on the market, its been a solid performer being sold by Alltel as well as Verizon.

Some of its best features are its swivel port that allows it to sit vertically, lessening the chance of an AirCard disaster like mine:

How I Broke My AirCard

If you get the UM175, don’t do this. It’s how I broke my AirCard

If you’ve already got it from US Cellular, you can find UM175 support information here.

Where Can I Get ‘Em?

Normally I’ve got some destroy the competition hook up deal that lets you get an AirCard for free or even make up to $100 on it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that this time around. Until I do, you can pick up a US Cellular AirCard with service from their website.

Still not sure if they’re for you? Check out our Carrier Comparison to see if you can find another plumber to fix your sink.

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