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There are 3 kinds of mobile broadband. Postpaid, prepaid and rental. Postpaid offers discounted equipment in exchange for a long term contract. Prepaid offers no contracts in exchange for full price equipment. Rental offers no contract or equipment ownership in exchange for a higher overall cost.

Clear 4G WiMAX | 2010 Review

Clear 4G WiMAX promises unlimited mobile broadband, speeds up to 10 Mbps (on par with cable internet) & city-wide coverage. Are they in your backyard?

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Cricket Wireless Plans & Prices

Cricket Wireless plans are not only prepaid but cheaper than regular mobile broadband carriers like Sprint, Verizon or AT&T by up to $20 per month.

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Cricket Broadband 3G Coverage

Cricket Broadband 3G coverage is limited. It may not work out for road warriors. However, if you don’t travel outside the coverage area, it could replace your regular contract mobile broadband.

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Cricket Broadband

Cricket broadband is prepaid and cheaper than major mobile broadband carriers. It’s only downside is limited 3G coverage and data caps depending on your plan.

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Millenicom Mobile Broadband Plans

Out of Millenicom’s 3 mobile broadband plans, its unlimited plan for $70 was the most popular. However, The highest data cap available now is 10 GB.

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Millenicom Speed & 3G Coverage

Since Millenicom resells Sprint & Verizon mobile broadband, they also inherit their speed & coverage. So far most users report being satisfied.

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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans & Prices

Like a prepaid phone, Virgin Mobile prepaid plans work based on a ‘Pay As You Go’ system. Now with an unlimited $40 plan, they’re gonna be near impossible to beat.

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2010 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison

Prepaid mobile broadband offers 3G speeds without the wires, contracts, or credit checks. Compare Cricket, Millenicom, DataJack, Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, ReadyBroadband & Slingshot to find the cheapest yet most reliable.

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