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Virgin Prepaid Mobile PlansThere are 4 Virgin Mobile prepaid plans for mobile broadband ranging from $10 to $60. They are definitely not intended for long-term use.As we’ve mentioned in the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison, there are two kinds of prepaid mobile broadband plans. Short term (occasional usage) and long term (everyday use).

Virgin mobile prepaid plans falls into both categories.

Officially called Broadband2Go plans, there are 2 newly simplified plans to choose from:


Price Data Allowed Expiration
$10 100 MB (Megabytes) 10 Days
$40 Unlmited 30 Days

*Pricing is valid as of 9/14/2010 and may change after

Thanks to a history of mobile broadband companies saying unlimited but really meaning 5 Gigabytes and then you get cut off or severely lowered speeds, Virgin Mobile Broadband appears to be truly unlimited “Virgin Mobile does not restrct your speeds based on data usage caps”.

As with all prepaid mobile broadband plans, there are no credit checks. To Virgin’s credit, there are also no activation fees.

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go $20 Top-Up Wireless Card
You can purchase Broadband2Go Top Up Cards to recharge your account like a prepaid phone online or in store at a local Best BuyThe way you get more ‘airtime’ is similar to topping up a prepaid cell phone. You simply buy more via cash, credit or debit through any of the following:

  1. The Virgin Mobile website
  2. Buying Broadband2Go Cards from Best Buy

For those times when you just need a quick fix, Virgin mobile broadband will be right there for the right price with no strings attached. It’s the kind of uncommitted relationship where both people know exactly what they want and have no problem being upfront about it.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Maam.

$40 for unlimited mobile broadband that expires in 30 days is the best thing on the market right now.With this offering, there’s not much of a reason to go for contract mobile broadband.

While I do compare Virgin mobile prepaid plans to the rest of folks out there, for now let’s cover the kind of broadband speed you can expect to get.

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