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Virgin Mobile Broadband Cards

The Ovation MC760 is the only broadband card offered by Virgin and is identical to the Sprint U760. Also in the lineup is the Novatel MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot

That title surely does say Virgin Mobile Broadband Cards & AirCards doesn’t it?

Hate to burst your bubble but right now there’s only one Virgin mobile broadband card. Thankfully, there’s also the MiFi 2200. Truth be told, that’s pretty much all you’ll need.

The Virgin mobile broadband card available is the Novatel Ovation MC760. This card is not new. As a matter of fact, it’s sold by Sprint under a slightly different name. You may know it as the Ovation U760.

Due to the fact that a full in-depth review has already been done with screenshots to boot, I’ll let you read about here since there are no functional differences between Sprint’s U760 and Virgin’s MC760. They are the same broadband card just with different clothes.

Virgin MC760Virgin MC760

What I will do for you is throw this 4 minute unboxing video of Broadband2Go from YouTube. While it’s lengthier than it needs to be, it does a good job of showcasing the Broadband2Go ‘top-up’ cards as well as the actual broadband card after purchase:



4 minute Broadband2Go unboxing video from YouTube. Great for seeing what you’ll get in the box if you decide to get it.

What’s different between the two cards is the price you will pay. While you may get deals through our partner LetsTalk to get Sprint’s U760 for free (discounted thanks to contracts), the Virgin MC760 will run you $80.

In addition to that, for now you can only snag Virgin Mobile broadband cards from Best Buy. Luckily, it’ll still support the site if you get it through these links.


The MiFi 2200

Virgin Mobile Broadband MiFiLike the MC760, the MiFi 2200 is also not new.

For an in-depth review, see the Sprint MiFi 2200 review. The major difference between Sprint’s MiFi and Virgin is the unlimited mobile broadband.

Hold the phones and turn off the television. You can now share unlimited mobile broadband with up to 5 devices (or people) for only $40 a month. Getting the device itself will run $150.

In short, the MiFi 2200 could replace your cable or DSL connection if they provide service in your area and you don’t even need a contract.


How does Virgin mobile broadband match up against the competition?

Great question. That’s where the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison comes in. You’ll see how Virgin matches up with other nationwide prepaid mobile broadband carriers in terms of price, speed, coverage, & broadband card options. Here’s where you can check that out.

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  1. Wut Mytb says:

    No one in their right mind should ever, ever, ever get a Virgin MiFi2200, for any price. It is the most incompetent company on earth. I spent over 6 months and over 9 hours of phone calls. By their own admission, they will not send new devices to replace defective ones, only “refurbished” ones. Sending defectives back and then receiving even more defective ones, I wound up with a total of about 6 devices that were either defective or which became inoperable whenever Virgin tried to activate them. One was still tied to someone else’s account; one was omitted completely, so that I received only an empty envelope; and the last one was not even 3G, just 2G. At that point I gave up. Note: Their “customer service” is only in the Philippines, “supervised” by a next-level office only in Mexico. That’s all there is. 

  2. chuck says:

    Ha ha. I have a Virgin MiFi 2200. This thing disconnects all the time. Only a few times I did get a really fast connection. My jailbroken and tethered iPhone with AT&T works WWAAAYY faster and more reliable than Virgin Mobile’s service. My company phone, which is a Sprint Android with 4G is a piece of junk too. Lousy coverage in Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, and Phoenix. I travel for work and it sucks not having a good signal. Surprisingly, AT&T has been pretty solid in all these cities.

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