2010 Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

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Prepaid mobile broadband is like a prepaid cell phone.

It’s good for just about anywhere but you’ve got to remember to ‘top up’ or pay in advance. In addition to this, you buy (as opposed to rent) the actual cell phone”.

Prepaid 3G Broadband Comparison

While Verizon technically has 4 prepaid mobile broadband plans, you’ll find only 3 listed on their site. Take a wild guess on which it might be and find out how your sharp your detective skills were after the summary.

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans
Plan Cost Data Included Overage Charges Cancellation Fee
75 MB Plan $15 75 Megabytes for 1 Day None (connection stops working) N/A
250 MB Plan $30 250 Megabytes for 1 Week None (connection stops working) N/A
500 MB Plan $50 500 Megabtes for 1 Month (30 Days) None (connection stops working) N/A
Verizon DayPass $15 Unlimited Usage for 1 Day None (connection stops working) N/A

If you guessed “Verizon Daypass”, you got it right.

While easy to find last year, it’s taken a backseat to Verizon’s publicized prepaid mobile broadband plans. More on why it might be tucked away in a corner of their site in a minute.

75 MB, 250 MB, & 500 MB Prepaid Plans

75 MB, 250 MB, & 500 MB Prepaid Plans differ not only in the amount of data but the length of time available to use it. You’ve got a day, a week and a month (30 days) respectively to use them up. As such, you’ve got to have a pretty good grasp on how long you’ll be needing it for:

  • One shot use in an airport?
    Get the 75 MB plan Verizon Daypass plan.
  • Out of town for a business conference, vacation or visiting relatives for a few days?
    Get the 250 MB plan.
  • Need light access to the web for work in the field intermittently over the course of the month?
    Get the 500 MB plan.

The key to making these plans work is to already have a broadband card, mobile hotspot, or 3G netbook / notebook ready to get the job done. Without the equipment, you’re going nowhere online fast.

While it may cost you more upfront, over the long-term it’ll save you money.

If you know you’ll need it only once every 3 months or so and don’t wish to purchase any equipment, it’ll probably make sense to take a look at mobile broadband rental.

To purchase Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband, you’ll need their connection manager.

To purchase Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband, you’ll need their connection manager & a compatible device. If you don’t already have one, check out Verizon AirCards & Mobile Hotspot Review for help on picking one out.

Verizon DayPass

The Verizon DayPass is a quirky little character. For the same price as the prepaid 75 MB plan for $15, you get unlimited mobile broadband for one day.

The interesting part about this comes from the fact that the official mobile broadband plans page on Verizon doesn’t list the Verizon DayPass plan as an option anymore.

Conspiracy to make more money? *shrug*

Either way, if you need mobile broadband for only one day and have a broadband device that’ll work with it, go for the Verizon Daypass plan.

For the full details on this little number check out the Verizon DayPass Review.

So How Fast Is It?

Verizon 3G Speed TestVerizon 3G speed is second in line right behind AT&T, the “nation’s fastest 3G network”. However, they’re a full 20% more reliable than ‘ma bell’.

To top it off, the real world numbers end up being just much as they advertised (600 Kbps – 1.4 Mbps) & then some.

What About 3G Coverage?

Verizon 3G CoverageVerizon 3G Coverage ties with Sprint for the largest mobile broadband network title.

One study shows the carriers being within 1 percentage point of each other’s reliability.

As always, check your coverage (via the link above) before taking a dip in the mobile broadband pool.

What Broadband Cards or Devices Can I Get?

Verizon Broadband CardsThere’s a wide selection of Verizon AirCards, broadband cards and mobile hotspots to choose from.

While Sprint has a few more, there’s more than enough here to go around.

As an added bonus, you can use your existing laptop if it already has a 3G card embedded in it. Don’t have one yet?

Check out 3G Netbooks (affiliate link).

Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how Verizon prepaid mobile broadband matches up to other prepaid 3G providers, check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison.

It may help put things in perspective when you see what all of your options are whether you plan to use prepaid mobile broadband regularly or occasionally.

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  1. MIFI user - new says:

    New rates
    $15, one day, 100 mb
    $30, one week, 300 mb
    $50, one month, 1 gb
    $80, one month, 5 gb

    Surprsingly fast enough if you don’t use videos, streaming audio, and similar. That is, with a good signal.

    Set up, and use could go smoother, with better instructions out there. However, the tech support seems to be available everytime we call.
    Need to tether to activate or see how much data used.
    When tethered, use VZAccess Manager to get on and off.
    When not tethered, can use your op system to find networks, and just get on your MIFI network.(using PW security)
    Cannot be tethered to make a hot spot for more than one device.
    Can be wireless, for up to 5 devices, when it doesn’t need to be tethered to activate account or see how much data is being used.

    Tech support is very capable and pleasant and American and easy to understand, and moves along at good pace, unlike dumbed down tech support services elsewhere. So it doesn’t have to take forever ! And you can enjoy the conversation!

    So far so good. And Thumbs Up! For helping us get Mobile Broadband at affordable price in the field away from everything.

  2. StephK says:

    One week is not one full week. Even if you activate it at say, Friday night at 11 pm, that Friday counts as a full day and one week ends on the following Thursday night. You are shortchanged almost a full day. If you want a full week you better activate it at 12:01 AM!

  3. odnoklassniki agent says:

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