Verizon 3G Speed Test (2010)

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Verizon 3G Speed Test
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Last time we looked at Verizon 3G speed, I touched on how Verizon had the speed and latency to handle making VoIP calls via Skype or Google Talk, play games online and downloading music or a couple TV shows.

On most accounts, they upheld their advertised speeds of “average download speeds of 600 Kbps – 1.4 Mbps and average upload speeds of 500 Kbps – 800 Kbps”.

Since that time, two tests were conducted by Gizmodo (in December 2009 covering 12 cities) and PC World (in March 2010 covering 13 cities) to see who had the fastest mobile broadband.

The tests covered 17 cities. Before we get into the exactly how Verizon did, it might help to make sense of the mobile broadband speed numbers.

How To Make Sense Of The Mobile Broadband Speed


People who get the fastest speeds in the United States average about 3.9 Mbps. If you read the fastest mobile broadband review, average 3G speeds are about 1 – 1.4 Mbps.

While that may seem a lot slower than the cable internet speeds you might be used to, it helps to have a real way to put it in context.

Use this speedtest tool to see what speed you have right now. That way, these number will make a lot more sense to you. You’ll see if mobile broadband is half your current speed, about the same or even more.

Find Out Your Current Speed

After finding out your current speed, keep the number in mind so that you can compare it to the other numbers mentioned in this article. It’ll help put things in context.

And now on with the show.

3G Speed Test Results
Average Download Speed Average Upload Speed Average Download Speed Average Upload Speed
Verizon 1300 kbps 425 kbps 877 kbps 434 kbps

For the full details on how they fared against other providers, reliability testing and 3G speeds in specific cities, check out Who’s Got The Fastest Mobile Broadband?

So What Does This Mean For You?

If 3G speed is your thing, then Verizon mobile broadband hangs with the fastest mobile broadband of the bunch. While its not 4G speeds, it’ll definitely get the job done while feeling like a DSL connection.

Before you start searching Google for the best broadband card though, remember that mobile broadband speed is only one piece of the 4-part Verizon mobile broadband puzzle.

The last thing you need to plug in your shiny new AirCard only to find that you’ve got no signal. Thankfully, Verizon 3G speed shines just as strongly as Verizon 3G Coverage.

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  1. mcumbee says:

    According to my tests it is slowing down….
    several months ago 160-225 kbs now 49-108 kbps
    Could it be the onslaught of the dreaded Apple
    disease….Iphone blows another network???
    This is in Aiken S.C.

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