Verizon 3G Coverage (2010)

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Verizon 3G Coverage
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“At one point, Verizon 3G Coverage was being advertised as ‘the largest mobile broadband network’ based on how many millions of people it reached.

It was pretty obvious they were going after the claim that Sprint had made for quite some time.

To further push home that point, they even launched the only 3G coverage map by a carrier that compared their coverage to others (AT&T and Sprint). Since then, not only have those ‘largest network’ ads disappeared, but the comparative coverage of Sprint has been completely removed”.

2009 Verizon Mobile Broadband Coverage Review

It wasn’t a battle they could win (against Sprint at least). With both companies reaching over 250 million people in the United States, it’s a pretty close call.

Nevertheless, both companies have robust networks.

While Sprint got a reliability rating of 90.5%, Verizon followed closely behind with 89.8% (PCWorld’s 3G tests in 2009). That’s less than a percent of a difference. If given scientific confidence intervals and the like, they may very well be the same.

So what does this mean for you?

Verizon, like Sprint, is a solid reliable bet for 3G mobile broadband coverage. They both tie for the best 3G coverage.

Of course, this is looking at the overall picture. There’s the small chance you fall in the 10% unreliable range. Like everything in life, nothing is a sure bet.

To help protect against those times though, check out the Verizon 3G coverage map below to help you check what things look like on the street level.

view Verizon Coverage

Now That I Know I’ve Got Coverage, How Do I Get On It?

While we’ve covered Verizon Mobile Broadband plans, Verizon 3G speed and now 3G coverage, there’s one final key to unlock the 3G treasure chest.


We’re talking about Verizon AirCards, Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots.

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