Verizon 4G Coverage Review | Nationwide by 2013


Although Verizon launched their 4G network in December 2010, the Verizon 4G cities list already covers major areas in the U.S. with many more on the way to come.

Verizon 4G LTE is available in 38 markets and over 60 major airports, covering approximately 110 million people.

Our growing [3G coverage] covers more than 280 million people in 264 major metropolitan areas and 268 primary airports in the U.S., so you can keep working even when you’re on the go.


Plans are underway to cover 200 million people by the end of 2011 (almost the size of their current 3G network) and the entire nation with more 4G coverage than 3G coverage by the end of 2013. That will mean coverage for 98% of the country.

Currently, their expansion outpaces 4G expansion of providers such as Sprint & AT&T. Though, with AT&T’s recent announcement to acquire T-Mobile, they may become a LTE force to be reckoned with in a much shorter span of time.

In addition to 4G and 3G coverage, Verizon supplements their wireless coverage with literally thousands of WiFi hotspots across the country.


Checking Verizon 4G Coverage In Your City

To check coverage, the unsurprisingly best way to do it is to use the Verizon 4G Coverage Tool:



The Bottom-Line On Verizon 4G Coverage

Verizon 4G coverage isn’t available everywhere just yet.

First major cities will see coverage light up (with accompanying advertisement and fanfare). Lastly, rural areas will see expansion spill into their backyards.

With Verizon’s strong plans for 98% nationwide 4G LTE coverage by 2013, it allows you to future proof yourself.

Even if 4G isn’t available in your area just yet, you can still purchase hybrid 3G/4G broadband cards and mobile hotspots that won’t require an upgrade when they turn on the LTE light where you reside, work and play.


Next, Verizon 4G Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

To get 4G plans, 4G speeds and 4G coverage with Verizon, you’ll need a 4G broadband card or mobile hotspot.

In the next installment, I’ll cover which broadband cards and mobile hotspots to get.

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