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DataJack 3G Speed

When DataJack launched, their underlying service provider was T-Mobile. As such, the 3G speeds you got would’ve reflected available T-Mobile speeds at the time.


Who Is DataJack Using Now?

Currently, Sprint is being used exclusively to provide DataJack service. How fast is it? According to DataJack:

Under normal circumstances if you are located in a 3G coverage area, you should expect speeds sufficient to stream videos, do Skype video conferencing and VoIP phone calls (1 to 1.4 Mbps). 98% of our customers are very happy with the network speeds they have in their area.

DataJack FAQ

Sprint advertises it’s 3G network as having average download speeds of 0.6 – 1.4 Mbps with bursts of 3.1 Mbps while having average upload speeds of 0.3 – 0.5 Mbps. Based on this, DataJack may be generous with their approximation of speeds erring towards the faster side.


What Kind Of Activities Can I Use It For?

Can you do Skype video and VoIP?

In a word, yes.

Should you?

Probably not.

Given the reliability and lower speeds of 3G networks vs. 4G, cable or DSL, the connection quality will not be optimal.

DataJack goes on further to say:

Q. What activities work best on a 3G network?
A. 3G is best for viewing content-heavy websites (lots of images or videos playing), viewing YouTube files and other videos, uploading large files (photos, videos, presentations) to sharing websites, and downloading large files from an e-mail or a website. Video convferencing and VoIP phone calls are also possible with the DataJack.

This is true…to an extent.

While 3G can view content-heavy websites, YouTube and the like, it’s not best for it. 4G WiMAX from Sprint or 4G LTE from Verizon would be best for it in the realm of mobile broadband.

Furthermore, if your primary activity includes watching YouTube, other videos, uploading and downloading large files in addition to video conferencing and VoIP, chances are that you’ll deplete your 5 GB cap rather quickly.

So can you use DataJack’s 3G speed? Sure, you may just have to be conservative or more patient with loading times. However, none of that will matter unless you have 3G coverage in your area.


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