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DataJack 3G Coverage

DataJack 3G coverage mirrors Sprint’s in the same way it does 3G speed. However, there is an important distinction. DataJack’s coverage does not include Sprint’s roaming partners. Only Sprint itself.

As such it’s doubly important to check 3G coverage in the areas you’re considering using DataJack before purchasing.


How To Check DataJack 3G Coverage

Since DataJack resells Sprint’s service, there are 2 ways to check coverage:

  1. DataJack’s Coverage Tool
  2. Sprint’s Coverage Tool.

Since DataJack’s 3G coverage tool only accepts zip codes to show maps, you won’t be able to tell if coverage is available at the street level (since most providers have pockets of unavailability even within large covered areas).

The alternative then will be to use Sprint’s tool if you need accuracy to the street or even city level.


DataJack Coverage Tool

DataJack Coverage Map


Sprint Coverage Tool


Now that you know whether you’ve got 3G coverage or not, it’s about time to take a peek at the devices available to you.


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