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T-Mobile Broadband Card

Normally we’d go into the differences between PC Cards, ExpressCards and USB Broadband Cards. However, T-Mobile’s only got one USB card that works on its 3G network.

While they did have the Sony Ericsson GC89, it only connected to EDGE, GPRS and WiFi. Today, we get to talk about the…

T-Mobile webConnect USB Laptop Stick

Coming in at about the full length and half the width of a credit card, the webConnect USB Laptop Stick has a sleek green and black finish. Done in a swivel-hinge USB design, it’ll be less prone to damage in confined spaces or while you’re on the go with a tablet PC.

T-Mobile webConnect USB sizes
The T-Mobile webConnect USB laptop stick is smaller than a credit card and thinner than a tic tac mint box.

Since it’s custom made for T-Mobile, it packs some interesting features.

The most prominent is its ability to automatically switch between the best 3G, WiFi, EDGE or GPRS network (based on speed and connection) without any input on your part.

f that’s not your thing, there will probably be an option to disable automatic switching (if you need a seamless uninterrupted connection). However, if you take into consideration most people aren’t actively moving while using a laptop, it shouldn’t switch too much on the fly.

As many USB broadband cards do these days, the software comes pre-loaded on the actual stick for self-installation once you plug it in. While Macintosh operating systems aren’t supported yet, according to T-Mobile, they soon will be. For now, “I’m a PC” fans get to have all the fun.

T-Mobile webConnect USB

360 degree view of the WebConnect USB Laptop Stick

Another handy feature of the webConnect USB is a microSDHC slot for up to 8 Gigabytes of extra storage. This works out great if you use the card alot or as your sole connection (i.e. it’ll always be plugged in) as it will free up another USB port you might have used on a thumb drive.

For more info, check out this snazzy flash demo that lets you explore the features of the card and how it looks in 360 degrees. If it doesn’t show up below, you can click here to get to it:

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You can pick up the webConnect USB Laptop Stick & make $50 with a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. If you want it, you may have to act fast. It seems to be going in and out of stock (i.e. demand is pretty high).

For more info on T-Mobile, read on to learn how they continue to dominate customer service rankings like gangbusters.

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