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T-Mobile 3G Coverage

In our previous T-Mobile coverage review, mobile broadband coverage was just a twinkle in T-Mobile’s eye. Now, they cover 30 major markets (about 100-120 cities) with plans to double the population covered by its 3G network in 2009.

Not bad for a company that’s just launching it’s network.

Unfortunately, previous legal issues tied their hands and put them far behind the major carriers in the 3G race. Now, as those carriers look to 4G technologies such as WiMAX and LTE, T-Mobile is playing catchup.

Depending on your area, it may not feel that way. If you already live and spend most of your time in a T-Mobile 3G coverage area, then things may seem peechy keen to you until you hop on a flight to somewhere.

Like Cricket prepaid mobile broadband, T-Mobile’s coverage is great where it’s available.

For the places it’s not available you may have the option of hopping on T-Mobile HotSpot WiFi network, EDGE or GRPS. As we mentioned in T-Mobile 3G speed, how fast your connection will be varies with the network you’re connecting to.

In order to pull it all together, it only makes sense to check out T-Mobile’s coverage tool to see what it’s like in your area. If it doesn’t show up below, here’s where you can get to look at their 3G coverage:

view T-Mobile Coverage

Now that you’ve got an idea of whether you’ll be hooked up with T-Mobile 3G speed and coverage, let’s talk a look at their AirCard & broadband card lineup.

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