Slingshot Prepaid Mobile Broadband

At first glance, they come off as very professional with a clean interface and a warm atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take very long to find out that the site is still under-development. The under the mat reason for this is an ongoing lawsuit with Sprint preventing them from selling anything. Nevertheless, we’ll do our review since there’s been quite some buzz about their service.
Plans & Prices

Slingshot Plans

Like Cricket, Slingshot has an ‘unlimited broadband plan’. However, they state it’s only up to 5 GB. Yup…does not compute.There are four prepaid mobile broadband plans to choose from. As each plan has no credit checks, contracts or deposits, you can turn it on and off at will.

Like ReadyBroadband, it’s similar to a prepaid cell phone where you top up as needed.

In addition to buying ‘recharge cards’, you can also recharge your plan on their website. Read on for the full details on their plans and prices.

Mobile Broadband Speed

Slingshot Broadband Speed

It’s anyone’s guess as to who provides the mobile broadband network that the service runs on. They don’t say.While there isn’t a lot of information on mobile broadband speed or coverage, they do have this statement that provides a clue:

“Slingshot High-Speed Wireless Internet service is made possible by using the constantly expanding network of third generation (3G) cellular telephone towers throughout the USA. Slingshot buys excess capacity from major network providers who own and operate these towers”.

While this is good information, it’s still lacking some meat on the bones. We’ll see how much we can dig up on Slingshot’s broadband speed.

3G Coverage

Slingshot 3G Coverage

Just like its speed, we don’t know what 3G coverage is like because we don’t know who owns the network they purchase bandwidth from.Like our problem in reviewing mobile broadband speed, we also have the same issue in talking about their 3G coverage.

Working with the same vague statement, we can procure that they might be referring to AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Let’s see what else we can come up with about 3G coverage.

Broadband Cards

Slingshot Broadband Cards

The mystery continues. While we know that Slingshot offers a USB broadband card, we don’t know the exact make or model.”Simply insert the wireless modem into a USB port on your computer and follow the simple onscreen instructions.

You will be prompted to call our toll-free activation number and supply the access code that’s provided with your modem…”

This quote above is literally all the information available on AirCards & broadband cards. The only clue we have is that they offer a USB Broadband Card

Looking for a Comparison?

We sure hope so. Otherwise, you might end up frustrated with not being able to buy it..

Check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison to see how they match up against the other prepaid mobile broadband carriers out there. I’ll warn you, it’s not gonna be pretty.

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