Slingshot Broadband Cards

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Slingshot Broadband Cards

So how do you start using their broadband cards? Simple!

“Simply insert the wireless modem into a USB port on your computer and follow the simple onscreen instructions. You will be prompted to call our toll-free activation number and supply the access code that’s provided with your modem.

In a couple of minutes you’re up and running! After that initial installation you simply plug in your modem and open your browser any time you want to wirelessly connect to the Internet.”

Easy right?

Now if we only knew what the broadband card looked like…

This quote above is literally all the information available on their broadband cards.

In other words, the only clue we have is that Slingshot offers a USB Broadband Card.

Since most recent USB broadband cards are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Macs and Linux, we have a teeny tiny bit more information to work with.

Other than that, we don’t even have a picture to show you let alone retired models.

When more information does become available, we’ll definitely be updating this page. For the word on when that happens, subscribe to our site updates in the top-right hand corner of the website.

Overall Impression

Slingshot seems promising with its assortment of plans. However, due to their current lawsuit with Sprint, they cannot provide service. As such, check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison to find another provider whose service you can get.

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