Novatel EX720 ExpressCard Review

This card no longer available. Try checking out other broadband card reviews.

Novatel Wireless EX720 Express Card (Sprint)
What’s Good:
The Novatel EX720 has built-in GPS for Sprint’s location based services. It also comes in the sleek ExpressCard format and is EVDO Rev. A capable (3.1 Mbps top speed)

What’s Bad:
Doesn’t ship with the Broadband Card Adapter that lets you plug it into PC Card slots as well. Macs can be supported but it’s not streamlined.

No longer available



Reviewed on: 09/21/08


This is the working man’s card. Nothing too spiffy. Price is low. And it’ll get you online fast.

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It wasn’t the best of times nor the worst of times. The Novatel EX720 is an okay card. It’s an ExpressCard that’ll get you the regular features (EVDO Rev. A, GPS, Antenna). However, there’s nothing to get extremely excited about. When it first hit the scene in 2007, yes, now, it’s average.

You can pick up the Novatel EX720 for free.


Novatel EX720 ExpressCard PC/Mac CardNovatel EX720 ExpressCard PC/Mac CardNovatel EX720 ExpressCard PC/Mac Card


The Novatel EX720 PC ExpressCard wireless mobile broadband card for Sprint is the first such device to fit ExpressCard computer slots. With support for EV-DO rev A compatibility, you get download speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps and beefy upload speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. Simple to use, the EX720 PC ExpressCard wireless mobile broadband card lets you surf the Internet, send and receive email and text messages, and connect to corporate networks from just about anywhere.

From the Manufacturer

Download Manual in PDF

From the Manufacturer

  • Dimensions – 4.4 in x 1.3 in x 0.2 in
  • Weight – 1.4 oz
  • Data Download Speed – EV-DO rev A (Up to 3.1 Mbps Down/1.8 Mbps Up), EV-DO rev 0 (2.4 Mbps Down/153 Kbps Up), 1xRTT
  • Download Protocol – CDMA 850, 1900
  • Compatible Carrier – Sprint PCS
  • Network Compatibility – CDMA 850, 1900
  • 3G Data Speeds – Yes

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