Clear 4G Plans | 2011

Clear 4G Plans | 2011

Since last year’s review, Clear 4G plans’ names and pricing have shuffled around as they figure out how to hook their customer with marketing bait, all while customers swam around, nudging the stuff but not being quite sure.

One noticeable difference is the lack of Clear 4G Professional plans that were particularly confusing.

This time around, things have been simplified to essentially 2 kinds of plans:

  1. Mobile Internet Plans
  2. Home Internet & Home Phone (VOIP) Plans

Mobile internet plans have 3 variations while the home internet have 5 variations each. While Clear has a third bundle & save category, its essentially a mixture of the mobile and home 4G plans.


The Easiest Way To Choose a Clear 4G Plan

To help with what could easily become paralysis by analysis, they’ve included an updated version of the Clear Advisor simply called “Help Me Choose“, to help you figure out which plan is right for you:



While I’ll briefly review some key details of each type of plan, I recommend using the Clear “Help Me Choose” applet above to sort for the plan you need especially if you’re in a hurry (since the details below are kinda lengthy).


Clear 4G Mobile Internet Plans



The 4G Mobile Micro is the cheapest of the bunch at $20 for only 200 MB of data.

This option may work for you if you need to check email and only email infrequently through the month and you do not travel outside of Clear 4G coverage areas.

For most, that’ll mean staying in your city providing Clear is already there.

The 4G Mobile at $45 provides a lower cost option unlimited mobile broadband option to someone who doesn’t travel outside of their Clear 4G city or only to other Clear 4G cities.

If you fall into that category, it can be a much cheaper alternative to other postpaid providers who usually charge $60 for a similar mobile service.

To save even more, purchase a mobile hotspot that can double as a router for your home and when you’re on the go and you’ll be set.

If you have a family or others at home who need to access the service while you’re away though, you may want to look at the home or bundle plans.

The 4G/3G Mobile runs $55 for unlimited mobile broadband in Clear 4G areas and 5 GB of data everywhere else courtesy of Sprint’s 3G network, their majority shareholder/owner.

At $55, it’s $5 cheaper for the identical service sold through Sprint and will give you the option to purchase the device outright without being locked into a contract.

Which Clear 4G Mobile Internet Plan Should I Get?

– If you use next to no data and don’t travel, get the Clear 4G Mobile Micro plan.

– If you use larger amounts of data and want unlimited mobile broadband but don’t travel, get the Clear 4G Mobile plan.

– If you use larger amounts of data in your home city and also need the internet for traveling but can cut back when you do, get the Clear 4G/3G Mobile plan.



Clear 4G Home Internet & Home Phone (VOIP) Plans



While 5 plans are listed, there are really 2 kinds of plans here: The 4G Home basic and the 4G Home. Voice plans are simply rehashes of these plans that cost $15 extra for that feature.

The major difference between the 4G Home Basic and 4G Home are a speed cap plus a $10 discount on the cheaper plan.

The Micro 200MB, like it’s mobile plan counterpart, costs exactly the same only with a speed cap. In this situation, its much better to get a mobile hotspot for your house if your home size allows it.

Which Clear 4G Home Plan Should I Get?

If you hardly use the internet you can go with the Clear 4G Home Micro 200 MB plan for $20. This situation however, is rare.

If you’re looking to save money, you can go with the Clear 4G Home Basic plan for unlimited mobile broadband but slower speeds. If you’re interested in voice, don’t get this as the slower speeds could affect your call quality.

If you’re interested in performance for the internet or voice calling, go with the Clear 4G Home for unlimited mobile broadband with no speed cap.


Clear 4G Bundle & Save Money Plans



The Clear 4G bundle & save money plans are different mixes of mobile and home internet plans that may be reminiscent in some instances of cell phone family plans.

For example, the 4G Mobile Duo plan runs $75 for 2 mobile internet devices. If purchased separately, it would cost $90 per month. This way, you save $15 each month.

Likewise, if you purchased the 4G/3G Mobile Duo, it would cost $95 per month instead of $110 and thus save you $15 each month.

In short, you bundle and save money.


Next, Clear 4G Speed | WiMAX and LTE?

Since Sprint 4G and Clear 4G use the same underlying network, you can expect to receive practically identical kinds of 4G speeds.

However, initial Clear 4G LTE trials are insanely faster than Verizon’s 4G LTE and even T-Mobile’s upcoming 42 Mbps upgrade.

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  1. Rob Purea says:

    Cool tech tips. Good info. I have tried to find the same info some months ago and I remember that I had a tough time trying to find it.

  2. Brenda says:

    Everysince Clear teamed with Sprint the service has been very choppy and unreliable. Also they are making changes with notifying the customers. Such as I had a static IP address which they discontinued with notifying me. They say their notified me but I have record of such communication. I am very disappointed with the whole merger and service.

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