Category: Postpaid Mobile Broadband

Postpaid mobile broadband usually has discounted equipment and 2 year contracts. In some cases, they have better 3G coverage, 3G speed and a greater variety of devices.

Clear 4G WiMAX | 2010 Review

Clear 4G WiMAX promises unlimited mobile broadband, speeds up to 10 Mbps (on par with cable internet) & city-wide coverage. Are they in your backyard?

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2010 T-Mobile Wireless Internet Review

T-Mobile Wireless Internet’s 3G coverage is now 70 percent the size of Verizon’s while its 3G speed matches Sprint mobile broadband. The underdog is on the rise.

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Verizon 3G Speed Test (2010)

Verizon 3G speed is second in line right behind AT&T the ‘nation’s fastest 3G network’. However, they’re a full 20% more reliable than ‘ma bell’.

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