Virgin Mobile Broadband 3G Speed | 2011

Virgin Mobile Broadband 3G Speed 2011

Last year, Sprint went from simply reselling service to Virgin Mobile to outright purchasing the company.

As such, if there was any doubt that Virgin Mobile broadband speeds weren’t a reflection of Sprint’s 3G speed, the following quote direct from their site should clear that up:

As long as you’re receiving coverage, average download speeds will be between 600-1400 Kbps, peaking at 3.1 Mbps and average upload speeds will be between 350-500 Kbps, peaking at 1.8 Mbps.

If you have reached the established threshold for your plan, your speeds will be reduced to 256 kbps or below for the remainder of your monthly cycle.  Speeds will be restored once a new plan is purchased.

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go

To ensure you’ll be able to get these kinds of speeds, you’ll need first check if you’re in a 3G coverage area.


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