Verizon Customer Service | 2009 Review

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Last time we covered Verizon customer service, they took the crown in the 2008 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study by J.D. Power and Associates. This was quite the upset. You see, T-Mobile has historically taken away the numero uno position for quite some time. Not only did T-Mobile not J.D. Power & Associates Awards
Verizon came short just a few points of winning the award for customer care. While they didn’t win, they still got 5 out of, they got bested by Verizon and Alltel (who incidentally have merged).

The study looked at time taken to answer calls, time taken to resolve (total number of calls) as well as the actual problem to be resolved.

While Verizon customer service didn’t earn the #1 position this time, they hold a very close 2nd place to T-Mobile. Both carriers earned 5 out of 5 Power Circles (Rating equal to ‘Among the Best’). Check out the full results below (click for the full press release):

2009 Customer Care Study - Volume 1

While Verizon customer service has blown past most other carriers, here’s something else to consider. If you get mobile broadband with Sprint, you probably will not be calling customer service often.

In other words, don’t let this weigh too heavily in your decision for or against them. While it may be the nature of phones to have fluctuating bills and strange happenings you need to call in about, the issues that happen with mobile broadband are usually something you’d need to talk to tech support (not your average customer service rep).

Final Thoughts

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