The Definitive Coast-To-Coast 3G Data Test

So the guys over at Gizmodo has what they’re calling the Definitive Coast-To-Coast 3G Data Test. They compared the networks of Sprint, Verizon and AT&T (T-Mobile’s 3G network is too tiny and Alltel got bought out by Verizon).

The USB dongles we used for testing were typical 3G cards from the carriers: AT&T’s Sierra USBConnect 881, Sprint’s Sierra Wireless Compass 597 and Verizon Wireless’s Novatel USB727

A quick sum-up of the results shows Sprint being the fastest for downloading while AT&T being the fastest for uploading. Guess they’ll have to scrap the part of their commercials that keep toting “the fastest 3G network”…coming to think of it, Verizon was kinda doing the same thing too…

Pretty cool to know that they more or less re-confirmed the rankings of the 2008 Wireless Broadband Service Comparison. One time for Sprint doing something right. Despite all the bad press they get, I’ve got a grandfathered unlimited 3G plan with them that gets excellent speeds.

It’s been my primary connection for months and it’s going great.

Hope it stays that way.


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