AT&T Tests Higher Speed 3G in Chicago

AT&T has a pretty good track record of investing in their infrastructure. As we stated earlier this year, they were working on having 7.2 Mbps download speeds. Word has it those tests are currently underway in the windy city.

Perhaps the sexiest part is this:

“Interestingly, though, Siegel did say AT&T Mobility is testing 7.2 megabit per second download speeds in Chicago, adding that those speeds could soon increase to 14.4 Mbps or higher.

 That would be just so frickin awesome…if not for the current 5 GB cap on data usage. They’re really gonna need to ease up off this thing. It’s like you’ve got a 10 mile stretch of road. You keep getting newer cars that can go faster…only to run out of road even quicker. Do they enjoy watching us race up to these caps they’ve set faster and faster? Sick game AT&T…sick game indeed…

Fix It.


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