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Verizon Wireless Internet Reliability

Verizon Wireless Broadband is run on ‘America’s Most Reliable Network’. Verizon Wireless Internet Reliability ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction for wireless data service.

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Verizon Wireless Broadband Review

Verizon Wireless Broadband’s strong points are its award winning reliability and customer service. With expanding coverage thanks to an Alltel acquisition, they are positioned to rival Sprint.

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Verizon Wireless Plans

There are two Verizon wireless plans for mobile broadband (also known as BroadbandAccess). A 50 MB plan for $39.99 as well as 5 GB plan for $59.99

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Verizon Customer Service Review

Verizon Customer Service leads the industry along with T-Mobile. They currently has the highest Customer Satisfaction rating for wireless data service for large enterprise and small/midsize businesses

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