T-Mobile 4G Plans | 2011 Mobile Broadband Review


Since last year’s plan review, T-Mobile’s added a higher 10 GB plan in addition to their 200 MB and 5 GB mobile broadband plans. Unlike Verizon, there is no distinction between 3G and 4G plans.

In addition to postpaid 4G plans, T-Mobile offers 3 prepaid mobile broadband plans for occasional use for a higher price. Here, I’ll cover postpaid 4G plans.


T-Mobile 4G Mobile Broadband Plans

Mobile Broadband Plans Price Data Overage Charges
10 GB Web access $84.99 10 GB + Unlimited WiFi None*
5 GB Web access $49.99 5 GB + Unlimited WiFi None*
200 MB Web access $29.99 200 MB + Unlimited WiFi None*

*T-Mobile 3G/4G plans have no overage charges. Instead, speeds are throttled (i.e. severely slowed) until the next month until your next monthly billing cycle.

T-Mobile’s mobile broadband plans borrow some of the best elements from other carriers for a slightly better offering depending on your 3G or 4G needs.

Like AT&T 4G plans, they offer unlimited WiFi hotspot access with all plans. This is a win-win situation where they cut costs (WiFi is cheaper than mobile broadband) while offering unlimited service to customers at every Starbucks and Barnes & Noble store in addition to many other locations.

Like Sprint 4G plans, there are no overage charges. The difference between the two however, is that Sprint doesn’t throttle your speed at any point.

Like Verizon 4G plans, they offer a 10 GB option. While Verizon’s is cheaper by $5, T-Mobile’s added benefit of no overage charges may offset that extra cost. However, some users who prioritize speed over cost, may prefer Verizon’s $10/GB extra charge rather than throttling.


Is 10 GB, 5 GB or 200 MB Enough?

It all depends on what you use it for.

While T-Mobile doesn’t offer a chic data calculator tool like AT&T or Verizon, you can use either to get a grasp on how much data you need.

Try using Verizon’s tool first since their data caps are most similar to T-Mobile.

  1. Verizon Data Calculator
  2. AT&T Data Calculator
  3. How Much Is 5 GB & Is It Enough?


Next, T-Mobile 4G Speed

4G speed tests show T-Mobile as the 2nd fastest mobile broadband network. That’s a 226% improvement in speed since last year.

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  1. deborah says:

    The day they remove caps is the day I will sign up. That is a big monthly outlay to be so sequestered into a 5 or 10 GB closet. Until then, I will keep tabs on your site and click on one of your links at that time. I am east of the unlimited plans available today, plus I have read a tremendous amount of negatives on forums concerning Cricket and Clear to think twice about going with them even if they were available to me.

  2. chuck says:

    the caps on the web are not bad. you can choose the plan that fits you. If you are getting capped then at least its not costing you more. if they cap you then switch to a higher bandwidth plan.

    I was paying more on att. tmo is costing me a lot less. for sure. You will pay more for unlimited. Sprint charges more for unlimited.

    verizon charges more if you go over. I like the cap Idea. I was paying 120 a month on att for unlimited. I pay 40$ less on tmo

  3. iphone amazon says:

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