Sprint Couldn’t Track & Bill $51.20/GB Overage Charges

Sprint Will Now Track and Bill Overage Charges
But Now They Can & You Will Be Charged

After deciding to end unlimited data plans for mobile hotspots, Sprint’s $0.05/MB ($51.20/GB) overage charges should have kicked in for users that exceeded their 5 GB cap. However, Sprint spokeswoman Kristin Wallace now confirms that users ‘got off the hook’ due to an inability on their part to track usage. Unfortunately for power users, that’s about to change:

“Customers with the mobile hotspot and phone-as-a-modem add-on plan have always had a 5 GB limit. The issue was Sprint did not have the capability to enforce that, meaning we weren’t tracking it,” said Sprint spokeswoman Kristin Wallace.

Now that Sprint has implemented usage-tracking technology, “we do know when customers get to that limit,” she added.

Though Wallace said customers on the add-on plan should have known of the 5 GB cap they signed up for, she acknowledged that those who regularly used more than 5 GB in a month were probably aware that they were going over the 5 GB cap without being charged any overage fees. “Now we’re going to be charging if you go over,” said Wallace.

The issue arose after Sprint sent out emails to alert users of its mobile hotspot and phone-as-a-modem add-on service that they are now being capped at 5 GB per month followed by $0.05 per-megabyte overage charges. The cap applies to EV-DO, WiMAX and Sprint’s upcoming LTE services, said Wallace.

Fierce Broadband Wireless

Overage charges will apply to 3G, 4G WiMAX and 4G LTE data. Untethered smartphone data plans remain unlimited.




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