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ReadyBroadband Plans

Remember how prepaid cell phones used to work?

I’m not talking about the ones that work like post-paid phones where you pay month to month. I’m talking about the bare bones prepaid cell phones. The ones where you buy phone cards to ‘top up minutes’ when you ran out.

Well, ReadyBroadband is practically identical to that kind of system. Instead of buying minutes you buy data in Megabytes (MB). They’ve got three ‘mobile broadband plans’ in the form of ‘Airtime Top Up’ cards:

1. 200 MB for $25 (expires in 7 days)
2. 600 MB for $45 (expires in 14 days)
3. 1 GB for $75 (expires in 30 days)

Each ReadyBroadband PCS Airtime Top Up card (talk about a mouthful) has an expiration date from the time of first use. Naturally, the expiration period kicks in when you activate the card.

For your convenience, you could keep a couple cards handy for those crucial times when you might need the net. Such a system could work well for someone who uses the internet infrequently, or needs a backup system in the event of emergencies.

A free 5 MB card is provided with the purchase of a broadband card for testing. As with the free card and each card, you will need to call the number provided to activate the card. While you can return broadband cards purchased within 30 days, refill cards are non-refundable.

As expected, there is no contract, credit check or monthly bill.

Normally, we’d go into the terms and conditions of what you can and can’t use the connection for, but, with the highest plan being 1 Gigabyte, it’s not expected that you’d try to download a 80 MB music album or a 700 MB movie. For now, let’s talk about the kind of ReadyBroadband speed & coverage you’ll get.

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