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ReadyBroadband 3G Plans 2011

Since last year, the ReadyBroadband (part of ReadyMobile PCS) have tweaked their plans for the benefit of its customers. Before, their plan selection included:

They’ve got three ‘mobile broadband plans’ in the form of ‘Airtime Top Up’ cards:

1. 200 MB for $25 (expires in 7 days)
2. 600 MB for $45 (expires in 14 days)
3. 1 GB for $75 (expires in 30 days)

Each ReadyBroadband PCS Airtime Top Up card (talk about a mouthful) has an expiration date from the time of first use. Naturally, the expiration period kicks in when you activate the card.

This year, they’ve kept the price of each plan the same but increased the amount of data you get at every level while increasing the amount of time you have to use the data allotted (with the exception of their $75 plan which still expires in 30 days).


ReadyBroadband 3G Plans 2011


In short, the $25 plan got increased by 100 MB, the $45 by 400 MB and the $75 plan got doubled by 1 GB. As usual, there is no contract, no credit check and no monthly bill.


Not Sure How Much Data You Need?

While ReadyBroadband doesn’t have a data calculator, there are a number of calculators available from AT&T, Cricket & Verizon that are pretty handy.


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