Should You Get Event Radio Rentals?

2011 Mobile Broadband Rental Review
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+ Simple no hassle shipping with prepaid return envelopes.

+ Excellent customer support for installation/support of devices with a quick response time and follow up.

+ Latest 4G devices for Verizon’s LTE network and Sprint’s WiMAX network

+ With devices from multiple networks, you’re more likely to have coverage where you need it.



Website could be more user-friendly.

Event Radio Rentals can be more expensive than other mobile broadband rental providers.

Data caps range from 1 – 2 Gigabytes per week on devices. While this amount to 4 – 8 GB per month, there are other providers that do not cap mobile broadband rental use.



Event Radio Rentals is an excellent choice for personal and business mobile broadband rentals.

This is not a budget rental company. Rather, if you need support, reliability and a high level of customer service along with quality devices, Event Radio Rentals is a top-notch company that’ll fit the bill.

You can find Event Radio Rentals here. Otherwise to see how Event Radio Rentals compares to other providers, see the Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison.


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