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2011 Mobile Broadband Rental Review

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With Event Radio Rentals, your cost will on the device and the network it runs on.

AT&T and Verizon devices, cost the same whether or not they run on 4G for faster speeds or slower 3G speeds.

Sprint, when rented through Event Radio Rentals however, is a little different. The Clear 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, though branded as Clear, still uses Sprint’s network.

Interestingly enough 4G Mobile Hotspot costs the same as the Sprint Compass 597 and is cheaper than the MiFi devices that can access only 3G speed.

Finally, in what seems rather counter-intuitive, the Sprint U300 is the most expensive device although it has less features than the 4G hotspot which runs on the same network.

Here’s what it looks like all graphed together. Because the prices are so similar it practically looks like only 4 thick lines:


To see the raw day by day prices, see them side-by-side in this spreadsheet (click for a larger image):


These prices do not include EventRadioRentals.com Theft and Loss Protection that is available for each device at an additional $1.95 per day.

In addition to traditional mobile broadband rentals, Event Radio Rentals also offers a prepaid mobile broadband service called "AirCard on Demand".

Like prepaid mobile broadband, you own the device and can purchase airtime much like you would for a prepaid phone.

The major difference is this:

  • With ‘On Demand’ services, you pay per day.
  • With regular prepaid mobile broadband you pay for data (that’s usually available to you for 30 days).

If using the internet occasionally, it’s usually cheaper to buy ‘top-up’ cards in small amounts and use them as needed. To see for yourself compare rental rates vs. prepaid rates.


How To Decide on a Device:

Since you won’t save money by going with slower 3G, you might as well rent a faster 4G device.

If you’re in a Verizon 4G coverage area, then go with the Pantech UML290.

If you’re in a Sprint 4G coverage area, then go with the Clear 4G Hotspot.

Don’t get the Sprint U300 broadband card that has less features and a higher price. That doesn’t make sense.

With all the info available on Event Radio Rentals from how it works, speed & coverage, devices and pricing, the final question is this:

Should you get it? 

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